Machine Learning & Electronics Internships

For 3rd year students studying related subjects
Wed Oct 05 2022

At the Intelligent Instruments Lab, we are seeking two motivated and independent 3rd year students in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering and related subjects, for internships taking place during the Spring 2023 semester.

We apply artificial intelligence in musical instruments, and our work spans from machine learning to embedded systems to digital signal processing to sensor and actuator design to interaction design and more. We release our instruments as open source, collaborate with local musicians on concerts and albums, and publish peer-reviewed papers in top conferences:

A young woman sitting in a sofa with a laptop, surrounded by yellow and blue shelves

Sigga was in intern at the IIL last summer

Through our collaboration with the Icelandic universities, you can receive credits for project-based modules.

As HÍ computer science student Sigríður Birna Matthíasdóttir did this year working on AI voice synthesis and interactive machine learning:

If you are not able to take such a module, but are interested in working with us next summer instead, we are open to supporting applications for Rannís Icelandic Student Innovation Fund:

See for example Robin Morabito, an Iceland University of the Arts student, who spent the summer with us designing interactive sonifications of Icelandic seismology data:

Contact Prof Thor Magnusson about this:

A various technical elements on a yellow surface, feminine hand holding one of the pieces

We're currently developing a library of technical elements, or the Organolib

Below you will find a summary of the two internships (mentor bios and links can be found at, and more information about what it’s like to work with us. If you would prefer to just have an informal chat with first, or if you have an idea that does not fit in these categories, please reach out to us anyway, as we would love to hear from you 🙂

A young man standing in front of a yellow and blue shelving system

Victor welcomes inquiries about ML internships

Machine Learning intern

Mentors: Victor Shepardson, PhD student (primary) & Thor Magnusson, PI (secondary)

Interests: Machine learning, generative modelling, information theory, MIDI, loop-based music practices, embodiment, phenomenology.


Technologies: python-based numerical computing and machine learning frameworks (PyTorch, JAX, Tensorflow, Taichi, scikit-learn); real-time audio synthesis (SuperCollider, Pure Data, Max, C++)

Contact if interested:

Two young men playing with techincal elements on a yellow table

Jack and Victor developing technical elements for the lab

Sensors & Actuators intern

Mentors: Dr Jack Armitage (primary) & Halldór Úlfarsson (secondary)

Interests: Sensors and actuators for music interaction, gesture recognition and mapping, interactive machine learning, live coding, science of craft and design.


Technologies:, Fusion 360, 3D printing, laser cutting, Eagle/KiCAD, C/C++, real-time DSP, embedded systems & microcontroller platforms, single-board computers, Python ML frameworks, JavaScript data viz GUIs (React, Vue, Svelte, etc)

Contact if interested:

A young woman standing in front of a yellow and blue shelving system

Shoot Esther a message if you're interested in learning more about diversity at our lab

Working with us

The perfect candidates for these posts wants to train their skills in electronics or computer science by developing tools for music-making. Our goal is to have a diverse and fun community of people working in our lab. We welcome people of any gender and background: if you feel underrepresented in this field, we are especially interested in working with you. If diversity is a special interest of yours, our Project Manager Esther Thorvalds works with Stelpur Rokka ( and would love to hear from you:

Interns will have a desk in our friendly and exciting lab at LHÍ Þverholt, and can expect weekly supervisions with their primary supervisor, ad-hoc in-person and asynchronous communication and collaboration, and support in submitting final project reports. Those who are interested in publishing their work at a conference with us will also be supported in academic writing and science communication. We offer a fun research and work environment in our lab; we offer guidance and conversations, so you will not have to carry any big responsibilities, but rather work under a set plan we agree on together.

Hands of two people helping each other out with technical elements

Lets collaborate on the Organolib!

You can also collaborate with us informally and on a voluntary basis, by joining our Open Lab events ( and forking our repos on GitHub (

You can also join our Discord (, and keep in touch with us on social media (see footer!).

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions: