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The Intelligent Instruments Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab that investigates the role of artificial intelligence in new musical instruments. Music is our research base, but the reach and impact is wider and we explore how musical interfaces can be applied as scientific instruments, for example through sonification.

We study creative AI from a broad humanities basis, involving musicians, computer scientists, philosophers and cognitive scientists in key international institutions. We explore the emerging language and discourse of creative AI, addressing how notions such as agency, autonomy, authenticity, authorship, creativity and originality change with these new technologies.


Intelligent Instruments Lab logo, black.

The black logo with logomark and wordmark

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Feel free to download the logo pack which includes our logomark and wordmark in three different colors as PNGs.

In the Press

Do Androids Dream of Composing Music an article in the Reykjavik Grapevine, published Dec 8 2023. Blogpost about coverage in the Icelandic media when we first started.

More to come…


Here is a "Best of" photo collection in OneDrive. You're welcome to browse through it and pick the photo that works with your material.