In the Icelandic Media

Introductions to the project in Icelandic
Mon Oct 18 2021

Primary Investigator Thor Magnusson, has been asked on several occasions to present the Intelligent Instruments project in the Icelandic media. These are some of our favourite moments, note that all of the interviews are in Icelandic.

An Article in Þræðir

Atli Ingólfsson, an editor of Þræðir - the research journal of the Iceland University of the Arts Music Department - invited us to write an article on the Intelligent Instruments project.

A photo of graphics from Thraedir web page. At the top it says Listaháskóli Íslands Iceland University of the Arts and at the bottom it says Þræðir. In the background, chaotic threads with motion blur.

A screen grab from the Thraedir website.

The article discusses the baseline of the IIL research questions. The title in English is: Smart Instruments - Understanding 21st Century AI Through Creative Music Technologies.

Read full article here.

An Interview in Hugarflug at the Start of the Project

On February 12th 2021, Thor did a 60 minute live stream with the Hugarflug mini-conference hosted by the Iceland University of Arts. His aim was to answer the question of what meaning AI has for creative processes.

Two men sitting in chairs by a table, having a discussion.

Thor being interviewed in the Hugarflug series.

Watch the Interview here.

An Introduction in Fréttablaðið

On September 24th, mainstream media Fréttablaðið published an interview with Thor about the project. There he explained the terms we’re working with and answered questions such as “what is a smart-instrument”, “do composers use AI in their creations?” and “how is the funding important for the topic?”

A man standing with a part of a speaker. Shelves in the background.

Photo by EYÞÓR/Fréttablaðið.

Read the full interview here.

An Interview on the National Radio Broadcast Iceland

Shortly after receiving the ERC grant, on December 10th 2020, Lestin, a cultural program of the National Radio Broadcast Services in Iceland (RÚV), interviewed Thor about what this means for the science behind AI and instruments.

A screen grab from RUV’s website. Man in the background on the left, on the right a silhouette of a man coding, a play button in the middle. Text at the bottom saying Tímamótastyrkur til rannsóknarverkefnis á velum LHÍ.

A screenshot of RÚV’s website.

Listen and read the full interview here.