Sigga, a singer turns programmer

Making embedded machine learning accessible
Thu Aug 04 2022

This is Sigga! Or Sigríður Birna Matthíasdóttir. Or Digital Sigga. She goes by many names and we know her well. Having worked with us previously this winter, building a machine learning algorithm using her own voice, we were excited to have her join us again in the summertime for a different project.

Young woman, dressed in casual yellow and blue clothing, sitting with a laptop in a dark sofa next to yellow and blue shelves.

Sigga, a fashion icon that tends to fit in well with her surroundings.

About Sigga

I currently study vocal arts at Söngskólinn í Reykjavík and computer science at the University of Iceland. Previously I studied fashion design at Studio Berçot in Paris, and MA Design at Iceland University of the Arts. This winter, I came to the IIL to collaborate on a project where I attempt to donate my voice to a machine learning algorithm, and therefore outsource my physical body for the process of singing.

Sigga smiling with her laptop turned to the camera, placing it in her lap like an accordion.

Coding interactive elements is always a lot of fun!

About her project

This summer I am now doing a computer science internship where I am working on an interactive machine learning GUI for Bela based on the RapidLib and p5js libraries, to make embedded machine learning more accessible.


Great to have you with us as always! Can’t wait to see how this develops.