The Pluma.

The Pluma.

Practice-based research on the ways we make sense of AI in creative settings.
By Giacomo Lepri, Halldor Úlfarsson, and Victor Shepardson and Thor Magnusson

Pluma is a sound installation which detects body gestures through feathers and generates sound via neural audio synthesis. The piece also reacts to touch and physical proximity by fluttering and flickering. This animal mimicking is achieved using a transducer and a sound board.

The project aims to creatively explore ways to evoke an illusion of liveness while listening to and interacting with a digital artwork. The installation examines technological agency as relational phenomena, where liveness and intelligence might arguably be there because we simply move to evoke them.

We have invited artists, musicians and technologists to experience the installation and tell us about the digital interactions it affords. We are currently analysing and reflecting on the impressions we collected, so to better appreciate how people make sense of AI in creative settings. Stay tuned to know more about the results of this research!

Pluma from Giacomo Lepri on Vimeo.


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