Liquid: the Debut Plugin from Iceland's Inorganic Audio

IA is Halldór Eldjárn & Ragnar Ingi Hrafnkelsson
Open Lab 64, Fri Oct 13 2023
Liquid by Inorganic Audio

Liquid by Inorganic Audio

Liquid: a live granulator for creative audio manipulation

Inorganic Audio develops audio plugins for creative musicians. Founded in 2020 by Halldór Eldjárn and Ragnar Ingi Hrafnkelsson and funded by Rannís for the first two years. IA’s debut plugin release, Liquid, is a live granulator aimed at creating easy to use granular effects in realtime. The plugin utilises a fluid dynamics simulation as a flowing random modulation source.

Halldór holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from University of Iceland. He studied percussion in music school and has been working as a composer and an interdisciplinary artist for the last decade.

The roadmap of Inorganic Audio is to release more plugins, and development has been ongoing on a few ideas revolving around the use of realtime compositional assistance, derived from audio signals.