Nicola and Giacomo's New Magnetic Instrument

Open Lab 62, Fri Sep 22 2023
Magnetic Score

Magnetic Score

Stacco: a New Magnetic Instrument by Giacomo Lepri and Nicola Privato

This week, Nicola Privato and Giacomo Lepri present “Stacco”, a new and playful musical instrument based on magnets.

Stacco is a new knid of Magnetic Score that interacts with the player by attracting and repelling magnetic spheres and ferromagnetic objects. It is a playful instrument that allows the performer to control fine musical details if needed, but also to wonder freely into ferromegnetic sonic realms. During the lab, Giacomo and Nicola will present the ideas behind Stacco and elaborate on its design and building process, and demo a few patches including FM synthesis and Neural Synthesis models. Finally, we will all jam together on Stacco and other magnetic instruments!