Victor and Sophie's No-Input Textiles

Squishy Fuzzy Squelching Screeching
Open Lab 61, Fri Sep 15 2023
Two-dimensional fuzzy-fader mat.

Two-dimensional fuzzy-fader mat.

No-Input Textiles

This week, Victor Shepardson and Sophie Skach present their “No-Input Textiles”, an interactive, textile, and musical installation that is to be exhibited in London from 20 - 23 September 2023 as part of the Textile Intersections conference.

The No-Input Textiles explore the inherent affordances of conductive textiles as flexible, playful, accessible, and otherwise versatile material for soft interfaces for musical expression. The name comes from no-input mixing, a musical practice wherein the signal from a mixing desk is fed back to itself, becoming an exquisitely sensitive musical instrument where the finest adjustments to knobs and faders can alter flow of sound in surprising ways. In this installation, the knitted and woven woollen fabrics become part of this circuit, replacing cold plastic elements of a mixing desk to enhance sonic interaction.
No-input mixer with soft patch cables

No-input mixer with soft patch cables.