Dan Tapper presenting audiovisual work

Information and experience
Open Lab 60, Fri Aug 25 2023
Dan Tapper

Dan Tapper

Dan Tapper

Dan Tapper is a creative technologist interested in the intersection between information and experience. His works encompass micro and macro space, how data shifts and transforms through materials and mediums as well as through imagination. His current projects involve building sonic VR environments and using machine learning to create new forms of divination. He is currently obsessed with the resonance of a tunnel near the Korpúlfsstaðir golf course.

Dan will talk about his early work with Very Low Frequency (VLF) natural radio, translating this into more expanded projects with radio, sound and data - visualizing and sonifying information from outer space. This work links into more current projects exploring the malleability of data and work with machine learning in a creative and educational capacity working with Dadaist methodologies to allow students to deconstruct and control contemporary generative systems.

Info on Dan on the web here:

www.instagram.com/visualcodepoetry/ www.dantappersounddesign.com

NOTE: This open lab will start at 2pm because of the II Lab Mengi gig in the evening.