Death, ecology, vulnerability & Luuma

Margherita Pevere and Chris Kiefer present their projects
Open Lab 53, Fri Jun 23 2023
Blue image of a person in distress

THumane Methods #1 δISSOLUTION: The Oracle, pic by Nikolaus Oestermann / Volkstheater Vien

Margherita Pevere on her artistic practice

Death, ecology, vulnerability: these ideas are at the heart of Margherita Pevere’s artistic practice and research. She hybridizes biotechnology and ecological processes, queer studies studies and environmental humanities to create performances and installation with a distinctive visceral signature. Her body of work is a blooming garden crawling with genetically edited bacteria, cells, sex hormones, microbial biofilm, blood, slugs, growing plants and burned soil. At the Open Lab, she will present her work and introduce her current project Lament on the ecologies of death after extreme wildfires.


Chris Kiefer: I’m going to demonstrate a new system for guiding the behaviour of feedback instrument, using complex system theory. I’ll do with with the lab’s proto-langspil.