An hands-on introduction by Giacomo Lepri and Alessia Milo
Open Lab 52, Fri Jun 16 2023
The Chowndolo

The Chowndolo makes sound based on how magnets are arranged underneath the pendulum.


The Chowndolo is a digital instrument based on a magnetic pendulum. It creates unstable patterns of oscillation which are translated into beautiful sound. You play it by arranging the tiles below the pendulum so that different configurations will modify the instrument oscillations, articulating a music that evolves based on the pendulum’s dance.

In this Open Lab you’ll have the chance to play with the instrument and know more about it, including its genesis and functioning. We will have the pleasure to host the creators of the instruments: Giacomo Lepri (iil postdoc) and Alessia Milo (Treble Technologies).

Chowndolo page:

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