Alberte Holmø Bojesen: Seaweed Dialogues

Alberte's experiments with seaweed-based textiles.
Open Lab 51, Fri May 05 2023
samples of a seaweed-based material.

Samples of Alberte's seaweed-based material

Seaweed Dialogues

Alberte is a designer based in Denmark, who spent the last months at the Textile Center in Blonduos as part of the Fabricademy, where she explored the potential of locally sourced seaweed as a sustainable and versatile textile material. Her work initiates a sensorial dialogue between human and seaweed, comprising a material library and experiments towards three dimensional objects and textured surfaces. These days, her Seaweed Dialogues are also shown during the Design March in Reykjavik.


Seaweed Dialogues at Design March:

samples of a seaweed-based material.

samples of a seaweed-based material.