OL50! Blönduós outcomes, Skerpla students presentations & announcing Open Mixer!

A new music-focused event series from IIL.
Open Lab 50, Fri Apr 28 2023
Victor playing with the textile-input mixer.

Victor playing with the textile-input mixer.

Open Lab 50

It’s hard to believe, but we have reached the milestone of our 50th Open Lab! Come and celebrate with us as we reflect on the first one and a half years of IIL.

Blönduós Outcomes

Last week the lab visited Blönduós Textile Center, where Sophie Skach led the team in creating all kinds of interesting etextiles prototypes. Sophie will share more about what they got up to.


Skerpla Course Presentations

We’re also delighted to host the Skerpla course students from LHI. Together, we’ve spent the past three months building new instruments and creating original compositions. The participants will share their experiences in composing music through instrument building, and demo their original creations.

Announcing Open Mixer

After the traditional presentations, from 5 to 7PM we will continue to celebrate with refreshments and with our first-ever Open Mixer event! Open Mixer is in a literal sense a mixing desk that you can come and plug any instrument into. This is an opportunity for musicians of all backgrounds to come together and jam with their own instruments, or to try out the instruments we have been developing at the Lab. Open Mixer will be taking place a few times per month – if you want to participate get in touch, or just show up!