E-textiles and synthesizers

Open Lab 43, Fri Mar 03 2023

This week we have two visitors presenting their previous and upcoming work to us.

Sophie Skach is a designer working with electronic textiles and has a postdoctoral researcher position at IIL for the next three months. In this week’s Open Lab Sophie will show some of her work and invites people to touch, interact with, and brainstorm about knitted sensors as soft, wearable instruments. During her stint at IIL Sophie will focus on exploring the material properties of knitted surfaces and how that can feed into the design of new musical interfaces.

https://www.sophieskach.com/ https://twitter.com/SophieSkach

Joshua Wilkinson is founder of cycle instruments and a friend of IIL. This week he is telling us about Tetrachords which is the culmination of over 6 years work by Josh and his high school guitar teacher Nick Lavers. After leaving school both Nick and Josh began talking about a sequencer that did not yet exist that would control multiple polyphonic voices in a musical way. With abundant connectivity, the Tetrachords can act as a bridge between a modular system and the rest of a studio. The unique, built-for-purpose interface turns a studio into a melodic and harmonic playground. Easily explore anything from unisons and simple melodies to dense note clusters, made-up scales and polytonal mayhem.