Cubing Sound and Quakescope

Open Lab 26, Fri Sep 09 2022

Yichen Wang

Yichen Wang will present her work Cubing Sound: Exploring Gestural-based New Musical Instrument in Head-mounted Augmented Reality

Have you ever imagined playing a new musical instrument in head-mounted augmented reality(AR)? How would musical gestures be enabled in this immersive digital environment? Does the sound generation respond well to the hand tracking in the AR headset? Would the “virtuosity”, which is often discussed to constitute a great musical performance, still be achievable under the Human-Computing Interaction cloud in the making of digital musical instruments?

Robin Morabito

Robin will present his Quakescope project that he has been working on with us in the lab over the summer. The project is an interactive sonifcation software that enables you to scope into earthquake data via a dataglove. He has become somewhat an expert in sonification and the project should interest seismological enthusiasts as well as sonification buffs.

We are in Thverholt 11, 4th floor. All welcome as always!