The Sentient Self and Xth Sense

Open Lab 25, Fri Sep 02 2022

In this open lab we have a presentation by Sissel Marie Tonn and Jon Reus. They say:

We will informally present parts of a work-in-progress “The Sentinel Self”, which won the S.T.ARTS award. The Sentinel Self is an immersive installation that deals with the theme of boundaries between the human body and environment. This work is developed together with immunology researchers who have recently discovered microplastic pollution in human bloodstreams, and are studying their effects on the immune system.

The installation takes the form of a simulation within the Unity Game Engine, driven by sensors that pick up biological signals from visitors. We’re now entering the stage of composing sound for this work, and would like to discuss our ideas with the IIL community!

More info:

We will then spend some time making Xth Sense Sensors ( Come and join us and learn how to make these sensors or just have a coffee and chat with others.

See you at 3pm in Thverholt 11. 4rth floor.