Halldorophone presentation and Xth Sense making

Halldor Ulfarsson and Marco Donnarumma will be masters of ceremony
Open Lab 24, Thu Aug 25 2022

Halldor Ulfarsson will show us the newly born halldorophone (www.halldorophone.info) he has been working on this summer. This instrument has some new technology in it and we are excited to see another iteration of the instrument. This is the last chance to see it for a while as the instrument is flying out in the world into the hands of a magnicficent player.

Marco Donnarumma will also lead a workshop in building XTH Sense sensors (https://marcodonnarumma.com/works/xth-sense/). Come and join us and learn how to make these sensors or just have a coffee and chat with others.

See you in Thverholt 11 at 3pm.