Txalaparta Workshop at LHÍ Skipholt

Learn how to play the Basque percussion
Thu Mar 09 2023

Date: 11th April 2023

Workshop: 13:00-18:00

Concert: 20:00-22:00 (optional)

Deadline for applications: March 28th 2023

A couple of people playing a wooden percussion instrument.

Sophie and Victor from the lab trying out the txalaparta

Applications are now open for a workshop on the traditional percussive instrument: Txalaparta! The workshop will be held on April 11th from 1 pm to 10 pm. The workshop will be held in the Dynjandi room at LHÍ Skipholti 31.

The workshop will introduce the percussive techniques used to play the instrument and the possibilities of introducing creative AI technologies developed at the lab. We seek participants of diverse musical and cultural backgrounds, everyone is welcome, but the workshop size will be 18 participants plus workshop leaders. Musical education or experience is a big plus.

A txalaparta stick connected to cables.

We're collecting data from players to develop creative AI

The txalaparta is a traditional Basque musical instrument for two performers. It is a percussion instrument, easy to build. The name of the instrument is believed to refer to “racket”, which relates to the sound of the instrument.

In this workshop two txalaparta players from Bilbao (Ibon and Enrike) will introduce the performance technique, we will do some exercises and improvise. We will also explore the Intelligent Txalaparta, a machine learning addition to the instrument made by the members of the Intelligent Instruments Lab at the Iceland University of the Arts. We will study how new artificial intelligence technologies can become part of musical performance. But most importantly we will have fun getting to know this amazing instrument with a fascinating musical tradition and history.

The workshop will culminate with a concert at 20.00 at the end of the workshop day where music from the workshop will be performed.

See a live performance by the Basque music duo Ibon RG and Enrike Hurtado on Basque TV here

APPLY HERE: https://forms.office.com/e/qk00dWNRxy

The workshop is free and we are running it only for one day. Applicants must send in a short application using the form before midnight on March 28th. We will aim to invite a diverse group of 18 people for the workshop. All applicants will be notified about the selection via email.

Txalaparta planks stacked side by side with sensors at the bottom.

How can artificial intelligence become part of musical performance?

The IIL is also hosting an experimental Basque concert in Mengi on April 6th, with Ibon RG and Enrike Hurtado. https://iil.is/news/experimental_basque

A man playing txalaparta, in the background a yellow shelving system.

Lab associate Karl Jóhann with the txalaparta he's developing with creative AI