Vibing to the beat of Sean Patrick O'Brien

The artist that uses waves to create art
Wed Aug 31 2022

We made loads of great friends this summer and one of them is artist Sean Patrick O’Brien. He’s the master of movement via sounds and has been turning a lot of heads with his creative and unique works lately. We feel lucky to have him with us this summer working on many different projects.

A man sitting at a blue desk, peeking through a couple of tiny bronze circles he's holding.

Sean Patrick O'Brien hard at work in our lab

About Sean

I am an artist that believes the universal language of reality is movement, from planets orbiting stars, to sound waves vibrating through the air—everything moves. I studied in the Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where I focused on kinetic and interactive sculptures. Recently, I graduated from LHÍ with a master’s in Performing Arts where I explored the performative aspects of experiencing and interacting with art through events and parties.

A tower of small and beautifully designed speakers.

Recycled speakers lasercut from discarded materials

About the project

I have been working with the Intelligent Instrument Lab to make physical the vibrations of sound. In our collaboration with this years RUSL fest, we built speakers and instruments from left-over materials and trash. Lately, I have been deconstructing the loudspeaker and handmaking its distinct individual parts which allow you to feel electromagnetic energy as it is being converted into the movement of waves of sound.

Various pieces of technical elements spread out on a blue table.

Various elements for the technology library, a modular system for rapid prototyping and experimentation

Blue circular flat devices.

Exciter speakers turn anything into a speaker!

Copper spirals on a yellow surface.

Copper coils for electromechanical experimentation