PhD Scholarship in Intelligent Instruments

Applications for the third PhD scholarship are now open!
Thu Feb 02 2023
A smiling young woman holding a magnetic controller. In the background there is a screen with visualisation of data.

Esther Thorvalds is researching interactive sonification of DNA to raise awareness of a breast cancer-related BRCA2 gene mutation. Can scientists use Nicola Privato’s Magnetic Discs to navigate this complex data terrain and gain haptic intuition?

How can we use sonic instruments to explore complex data?

In today’s world we are faced with large sets of complex data, ranging from the climate to literature. With data science, machine learning and new technologies of display, we are gaining new insights into the complex nature of the world and culture. Scientific practice used to be very physically embodied, but today scientists primarily work with abstract data, and the potential of their bodies for gaining intuition remains untapped. What if we can play our data in an embodied way? Are you interested in contributing to this field by designing haptic sonic interfaces?

If this sounds like something for you, please continue reading!

We at the Intelligent Instruments Lab are now seeking applications for our third ERC-funded PhD scholarship. We would love to receive applications from people like you, motivated to conduct research on the use of sonic instruments to aid with the exploration, analysis and understanding of complex data. Your project will be within an area of your interest, for example in the digital humanities, data science, social sciences, cyberfeminism, climate science, geophysics, music, computer science, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction or other fields.

You would be working in our Intelligent Instruments Lab in Reykjavik, together with other PhD students, postdocs, technicians, admin and the project leader. Our work is highly interdisciplinary but can be broadly placed within music, the humanities and computer science (HCI and AI).

Our lab is a great place to work and we are eager to maintain a diverse, fun, inclusive and welcoming workplace where all backgrounds, skills and knowledges are of value. If you think you would enjoy working with us, please read the advert and/or get in touch with us for further information.

Application deadline is April 17th 2023. The position is for three years and is set to start on September 1st, 2023.

Director of Studies: Prof. Thor Magnusson.

Further information on the Iceland University of Arts website.