Living Looper Workshop

A workshop for guitarists on the Living Looper
Thu Nov 10 2022
Intelligent Instruments Lab are giving a workshop on the Living Looper.

An AI generated interpretation of the Living Looper.

We are hosting a Living Looper Workshop for electric guitarists! It starts on Thursday at 2pm and continues on Friday at 3pm … and there are a couple of spots open!

The workshop ends with a concert in Mengi on Saturday night, where we showcase the results of the workshop (participation optional).

The Living Looper substitutes gesture for memory: an assemblage of machine listening and neural synthesis algorithms mutate and refract the sound of the electric guitar. It weaves steel guitar strings into a squelching, growling fabric; we will each tug on a thread and see what happens.

Want to join? Send a message to!

(image interpretation extruded by Dall-E)

The full schedule of the workshop is as follows:

  • Thursday 10 Nov, 14:00-17:00: Introduction to the Living Looper
  • Friday 11 Nov, 15:00-18:00: Performing with the Living Looper
  • Saturday 12 Nov, 12:00-16:00: Soundcheck in Mengi
  • Saturday 12 Nov, 20:00-22:00: Performance in Mengi