Krish, the guest researcher

A machine learning master and a wonderful helping hand
Wed Jul 27 2022

Guest researcher Krish Ravindranath has joined the team for a few weeks this summer. We are greatful for him traveling all the way from Atlanta, giving us a helping hand with various AI related projects. A warm welcome to you, Krish!

Young man sitting in a gray couch with a laptop, in front of a yellow shelving system.

Krish, working hard.

About Krish

I am a machine learning engineer with experience researching, developing, and productionizing machine learning systems. My interest in music technology was sparked by my time working as an undergraduate researcher with the Robotic Musicianship group at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, under Prof. Gil Weinberg. I am particularly interested in creative AI development and applications, and in creating new musical instruments, interfaces, and interactions.

Krish sitting with his laptop showing a dark and orange interface.

Working on TensorBoard, training an ML model

About his projects

I will be working on various projects at the IIL, helping incorporate machine learning and intelligence into the instruments and tools developed at the lab. Currently I am assisting with training and developing applications for Notochord, which is a flexible and low latency probabilistic model developed for real-time MIDI performance. You can expect to hear more on this soon!


Lovely to have you, Krish! We hope Iceland treats you well… and we’re looking forward to continuing our work remotely in the foreseeable future.