IIL's 2nd Birthday Concert at MENGI

Celebrate with us on Friday 25th August!
Fri Aug 25 2023
Flyer for IIL's 2nd Birthday Concert at Mengi

IIL's 2nd Birthday Concert at Mengi

We are two years old! 🎂🎉

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1537261500422543

Mengi website: https://mengi.net/events/2023/8/25/intelligent-instruments-labs-2nd-birthday-concert

íslenska fyrir neðan

The Intelligent Instruments Lab is two years old! Time to celebrate all our hard work with fun experimental music by fun experimental friends. The performers in this birthday event are our artist-researchers in residence Celeste Betancur (CO/US) and Adam Pultz (DE), as well as our two PhD students Nicola Privato (IT/IS) and Victor Shepardson (US/IS), with more acts to be announced!

We invite you to join us for a celebration concert on Friday, August 25th. Doors open at 19:30 and the music will begin promptly at 20:00.

Entry free is 2.500 kr. (2.000 kr. for students, 67+ and disabled). Please contact us if you need financial support to attend the concert.

Celeste Betancur (CO/US): Pandora’s Dreams

Celeste is a musician, computer music academic but must of all enthusiastic dancer. She has been live coding for around 13 years around the world with a set of tools she built for her own sets. This time, she will be accompanied with Pandora, and we will be living one of Pandora’s Dreams…


Júlía Mogensen (IS): Halldorophone

Júlía Mogensen is a classically trained cellist, and an active performer of new experimental music, interested in exploring sound as a medium and potential for transformation. As a performer/collaborator/improviser she has worked with a diverse range of artists on stage and in recordings. 2019-2020 she studied Fine Arts at the IUA where she explored the relational dynamics between performer/audience/instrument through a wide range of mediums. Júlía studied at the IUA, Guildhall School of Music & Drama and in Berlin.During 2013-2019 Júlía was a member of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera.


Adam Pultz (DE): FAAB (feedback-actuated augmented bass)

Ambiguous textures and unstable pulses courtsey of a feedback-infested double bass.

Adam Pultz is a composer, improviser, and researcher working in the field of acoustic and electronic sound. Their work spans live performance, sound installations, sound for dance, theatre, film, multimedia, visual art, and algorithmic design. Adam has performed and exhibited work in Europe, Australia, the US, and Japan, while appearing on close to 50 albums, 4 of these being solo albums.


Victor Shepardson (US/IS) & Nicola Privato (IT/IS): Notochord Arcs & Scrambled Signals

Victor Shepardson and Nicola Privato are musicians and researchers in the Intelligent Instruments Lab. Notochord and Scramble are two generative MIDI models of our creation. Notochord has eaten all the MIDI files on the internet, while Scramble digests and regurgitates individual MIDI files and sampled snippets. We will wrangle Notochord and Scramble, struggling to make sense from their infinite capacities for nonsense. Notochord will extrude big slabs of quasi-music which will be filtered and refined by Scramble before being re-harmonized by Notochord, ad nauseum. We human operators will push buttons and frantically twiddle knobs, sweat beading on our foreheads, as our wayward creations attempt to submerge us in a swimming pool of glistening General MIDI sounds.


Jack Armitage (UK/IS): Gagnavera

Jack Armitage is a postdoctoral researcher in the Intelligent Instruments Lab. Gagnavera is part of Jack’s Tolvera (“number being”) series of pieces inspired by artificial life and self-organising systems.


Plus more artists to be announced!

Robin Morabito (IT/IS): SillyCode

Robin is a multimedia artist and researcher interested in sonification, algorithmic composition and generative sound design. For this gig, Robin will improvise using SillyCode, a custom live coding environment, to sonify plain text thought and written in real time.