Four studies for halldorophone and machine intelligence

Digitally augmented halldorophone.
Mon Nov 20 2023
A cello like instrument

The halldorophone

Four studies for halldorophone and machine intelligence

Four performers explore a digitally augmented halldorophone. Adaptive signal processing algorithms and AI encounter human musicianship in a dance of agencies from which novel musics emerge. Each of the four performers brings a unique perspective to interaction with the unpredictability of this cybernetic instrument, using composition and improvisation to navigate feedback-induced otherworldly textures.

The halldorophone is a cello-like feedback instrument created by artist and designer Halldór Úlfarsson. This concert premieres a new halldorophone, developed for the Intelligent Instruments Lab at the University of the Arts, Iceland. Equipped with an onboard computer and new signal routing options, the new instrument embraces digital manipulations of its feedback loop as a part of its performative identity.


Júlía Mogensen

Eydís Kvaran

Ari Frank Inguson

Sandra Ósk

Signal processing architectures and programming by Victor Shepardson, Chris Kiefer, and Adam Pultz.

The concert is hosted by Intelligent Instruments Lab at University of the Arts, Iceland: