Intelligent Instruments’ Birthday Concert

Celebrating a year of IIL at Mengi
Mon Aug 15 2022

The Intelligent Instruments project is one year old! Time to celebrate all our hard work with fun experimental music by fun experimental friends. The performers in this birthday event are Jonathan Chaim Reus, Marco Donnarumma, Hekla, and Bob Hermit. In addition, artist Sean Patrick O’Brien will set up his audiovisual installation, Fern (2022).

We invite you to join us for a celebration concert on Thursday, September 1st, starting with an installation by Sean O’Brien at 19:30. Musical performances will start promptly at 20:00. After the concert we will run a panel session where there will be an opportunity to discuss with the artists and explore key concepts of their work.

  Entry free is 2.500 kr. (2.000 kr. for students, 67+ and disabled)

Doors open at 19:30.

Intelligent Instruments Lab's Birthday Party. Marco Donnarumma, Jonathan Chaim Reus, Hekla, Bob Hermit and Sean Patrick O'Brien.

The birthday concert will be held in Mengi on September 1st.


Marco Donnarumma

Marco is known for engineering machines and composing sounds to create artworks and performances that can speak critically of ritual, power and technology.

An artistic photo of Marco Donnarumma.

Picture from Eingeweide (2018). Courtesy of Manuel Vason.

Jonathan Chaim Reus

Jonathan is a homeostatic animal within an ecosystem of cultures, sounds and tools. At Mengi he will present a sketch of new music exploring artificial voices and vocal doppelgangers.

Jonathan performing in a dark location with two bright tube screens on either side.

Photo of JCR by Joeri Thiry at STUK Kunstencentrum.


Hekla is known for her bizarre and unique theremin centred music, adding ghostly piano lines, subtle synth and her own distinctive vocals. She emerges from no particular scene, ascribing to no particular rules.

Hekla performning in a dark location, black and white.

Hekla playing the theremin.

Bob Hermit and Victor Shepardson

Bob Hermit and Victor Shepardson present a temporary sonic ecosystem, populated and interacted with via a network of quasi-instruments.

Colorful electronic musical devices, manipulated with visual effects.

Bob and Victor's colorful set up.


Sean Patrick O’Brien - Fern 2022: A kinetic light and sound sculpture. The phase relationship between oscillation and strobing lights reveals a dancing fern.