Open Workshop in Instrument Making at the Basque Centre in Djupavik

Open for anyone, all welcome to the amazing Djupavik, Strandir
Mon May 27 2024
Herring Tank in Djupavik Basque Centre

The concerts and workshops will take place there

Open Workshop in Instrument Making at the Basque Centre in Djupavik

On Thursday, June 6, there will be an open workshop on making musical instruments from trash in Djúpavík. The goal is to promote sustainability and reuse while connecting with Basque cultural heritage. Seafood is also a part of the project. The Intelligent Instruments Lab at the Iceland University of the Arts and the Icelandic Basque Association organize the studio in collaboration with the Factory art exhibition in Djúpavík.

In this workshop we will scout the environment in Djúpavík for interesting sonic materials, such as metal junk, ropes, buoys, rocks, wood and other interesting vibrating objects for designing musical instruments. We will also work with the Basque tradition of the txalaparta playing and explore how driftwood can be used in txalaparta performance. We will do experiments, impromptu performances, and redefine what music might be in the environment of Djúpavík (for example turning the herring tanks into harps). In the workshop we will discuss instrument making and its relationship to musical forms, tradition and new musical ideas.

We will also explore the basque txalaparta instrument, and there will be concerts with Ibon RG and Enrike Hurtado.

More on their music here.

Thor Magnusson will also give a talk about the history and development of musical instruments.

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