Presenting II Lab research

Thor Magnusson will present lab work and other research in various events this autumn
Sat Oct 14 2023
A picture of a smoky stage.

What goes on?

Autumn 2023 tour

The research at ii lab is going well, people are working on exciting new music projects that have been presented in various conferences in the summer. See our outputs page for further information.

This autumn, the lab PI, prof Thor Magnusson, will present research in various locations both in Iceland and in Europe. Here is a list of some events:

- 22 September: Fræðaþing Reykjavíkurakademíunnar. A panel session about the role of the arts and humanities in contemporary research landscape.

- 23 September: PACT Zolverein Event. A keynote on AI as a prosthetic in new musical interfaces. This is part of collaborator Marco Donnarumma’s I am your body project.

- 25 September: Vísindakaffi. Science cafe. A non-academic open discussion on the role of creative AI in contemporary art.

- 29 September: Málþing um gervigreind og höfundarrétt. A conference on AI and copyright organised by STEF.

- 4 October: CHIME Seminar. A seminar with Dr Astrid Bin on the new musical instruments design.

- 11 October: Georgios Diapoulis Doctoral Defence. A public - and streamed - doctoral defence by Georgios Diapoulis. Thor is the key opponent.

- 14 October: New Lutherie with Hans Johannsson. A round table discussion with Hans Johannsson and Patrick Gaydecki on contemporary lutherie.

- 16 October: Meeting AI. A practice based presentation on ii lab work for the University of Iceland.