Reconnecting the Body and Sound

Open Lab 38, Fri Jan 27 2023

Mari Garrigue is a composer, digital luthier, sound designer, and vocalist based in Reykjavik. Her research investigates the potential of wearable gestural controllers to translate the expressive nuances of our body into sonic application.

Her artistic intention is to reconnect the body and sound in the context of electronic music. The body has played only a minor role in the creation and performance of electronic music (Bahn et. al. 2001). The process of sound production and manipulation often ends up being hidden in the shadow of minimalistic movements.

In the next Open Lab, she will talk about her work with gestural controllers including ‘Wave’ rings and ‘Mi.MU gloves’ and how the design of her digital musical instruments has evolved over time.

We’ll also hear from lab members Nicola Privato who’s working on a magnetic instrument and Victor Shepardson who’s working on a network of intelligent processes called Living Looper.