Adam Pulz Melbye & Rafaele Andrade

Adam Pulz Melbye and Rafaele Andrade present work
Open Lab 32, Fri Nov 18 2022

In this open lab our two visiting researchers, Rafaele Adrade and Adam Pulz Melby, will present their work, demo stuff, and followed with coffee and chat!

Adam Pultz Melbye – String feedback, asymmetry, and failure.

I will talk about my recently submitted PhD thesis (pending defence) A Continually Receding Horizon: Making, performing, and improvising with semi-autonomous double bass feedback instruments. On the background of an extensive acoustic double bass practice the thesis explores how the resistance and timbral complexity of an acoustic instrument may become extended into the electro-acoustic domain. In my research and practice, this has come about through the creation of double bass-like feedback instruments, with a particular focus on the FAAB (feedback-actuated augmented bass), created in collaboration with Halldór Úlfarsson. I will describe the creation of a set of adaptive signal processing algorithms designed for the FAAB, and how they are situated within the instrument-performance continuum. The semi-autonomy of the FAAB leads me to discuss how queer and decolonial readings of interactional asymmetry, resistance, failure, and unmastery offer new perspectives on precarious and metastable performance ecologies.

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Rafaele Andrade – Diverse voice control: the practice of multiple sonic perspectives for a string based instrument

In this presentation I will give an overview about the interface updates of Knurl. This system was built during my 2 month residency in the intelligent instrument lab. It offers the multiple control of sound layers and mechanisms for improvisation, interactive performances and live synthesis. It will be used in the coming years for multiple productions such as a quartet of Knurls (Knurl quartet), a live projection soundtrack and performance (Dead zones), and an immersive concert (Physical sound), performed with collaborators such as Adam Pultz Melbye, Timo Hoogland and Sabrina Vernhage.

This is an opportunity to reflect on solutions for instruments-interface design, such as the distribution of agency in intelligent / augmented instruments, the application of diverse voice control mechanisms, and also but not last, the integration of important values and discussions from the current century, notably Communication, Sustainability, Integration, Representation and Autonomy.

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Thverholt 11, 4th floor at 3pm! All welcome!