RUSL Fest Video

Listen to the trash sounds music
Wed Mar 15 2023

In the summer of 2022, the Intelligent Instruments Lab hosted a workshop at RUSL FEST (TRASH FEST) in Gufunes, Reykjavík. The workshop was called Trash Sounds and the aim was to assist participants in building their own instruments, using only materials that had been discarded by others… better known as “trash”.

A group of people standing outside an industrial looking building.

RUSL Festival hosts Elín Margot and Llama-Sea welcome the group to the Frog building on the first day of the Trash Sound workshop

The festival was hosted by FÚSK, a group of artists who had their headquarters in Gufunes. The festival itself was weeklong and included various events; exhibitions, concerts, talks, lectures and workshops.

People sitting in a workshop space.

Everyone introduced themselves and got to know each other

In the evening of June 30th, the participants in the Trash Sounds workshop joined the line up for the Massage Party, performing in front of festival goers alongside a few other local and international musical artists.

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Three people sitting by a table.

Participants getting ready to go out hunting for trash

The participants had four days to build and prepare for the concert on Thursday night of the festival. They improvised a 30+ minute piece, which includes the moment seen in this video. In between shots from the performance, we also see moments from the instrument build and the hunt for usable trash.

Best of thanks to all the participants who made this evening so great!